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Dear Friends,

I always knew that this day would come but I had hoped that it was still a few years into the future. While I was training Friends pastors in Nepal and Bangladesh during October last year, the words of Paul came to my mind again and again: “I have fought the fight, I have kept the faith, and there is now laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” I wasn’t too sure what this meant, although I knew that God had told me that I wouldn’t be returning to Nepal. However, while I was preparing to send an email to Carol to update her on what had been happening in Nepal and Bangladesh, I looked at the relevant Scripture – 2 Timothy 4:7 – and found that it actually says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” The phrase “I have finished the race” stood out and I assumed that God was saying that I should not plan any new trips.

Let me also add that I have been affected with a lung problem during the last three trips.  I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without pains in my chest and gasping for air. X-rays in Rwanda and Australia have shown a potential problem and I have been advised to have a yearly check-up to ensure that it doesn’t become a serious issue. I am currently 73 years old but do enjoy excellent health otherwise.

However, a number of things happened when I returned to Australia which suggested that I had misunderstood what God was saying to me. This is one reason why I have delayed circulating this news. I asked the Board to pray about this “word” so we could have more certainty as to what God was saying and at a recent Board meeting there was unanimous consensus that my initial interpretation – “I have finished the race” – was correct and that I should not plan any further trips to these physically demanding countries.

As a result of this revelation from God, I have been overwhelmed with two emotions: one of sadness that the current face-to-face training has come to an end, and one of extreme gratitude that God has used me to make a difference beyond anything I could have envisaged when I first started. To be honest it has not been easy for me to accept this change. The ministry has been very rewarding and I feel that my life has been greatly enriched as a result of it. Furthermore, I have made close relationships with many leaders in Africa and Asia and it is sad to think that I will never see them again this side of eternity. I have often thought that the ministry focused my thoughts on eternal values and stopped me from becoming a grumpy old man. People have told me that I will receive my reward in heaven, and while that is true, I have already received a great reward here on earth.

WomenAndMinistrySwahili (2)What about the future? In one sense the ministry of LDM continues without my physical presence.  I received an email earlier this month from the Legal Representative of the Friends in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a report from the President of the Women’s Ministry, detailing how they organised a series of training conferences for women in their churches throughout the country. Apparently, the sessions were life-changing for most of them. The president noted in her report, “Our thanks also to our brother John E. Gore who prepared the material of Women in Ministry, which we come to use and the one who   introduced this teaching to us.” I have also heard of other denominational leaders using my material to train their leaders since I left. As I mentioned earlier, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God that he has seen fit to reach down and use me to advance his kingdom and to bless people who are enduring difficult situations. I am humbled by it all.

But I believe there is more to come.  Sometime around 2011, while I was in a prayer meeting, one of the associate pastors came to me and said that she had received a prophecy for me. The format was different to any other I had heard but what she said resonated in my Spirit and I knew it was from God. Basically her words were, “God knows your heart and is pleased with what he sees. God is happy with whatever you want to do because he knows your heart. If you want a ministry in Australia, then that is fine with Him.” There were three things that I remember from what she said. The first was the repetition of the phrase, ‘God knows your heart.’ The second was this open invitation, to ‘Do whatever you want to do.’ I was convinced that this was from God and that the African ministry was not the end but would lead to a ministry in Australia and the Western World. As a result of all this, I believe that there is more to come; after all I’m only 73.

Leadership of Leadership - Burmese 28Apr207In June 2016, the LDM Board agreed that we should accept an invitation to commence teaching two groups of pastors in different regions of Myanmar, in February 2017 for two weeks. I have reluctantly cancelled that visit in light of my revelation from God and on advice from others.  However, I have been able to have my books on Principles of Leadership and The Holy Spirit: Living by Faith – the subjects which I was going to teach – translated into two of the local languages. My plan is to continue with that work, believing that it will have a similar impact to what has happened in D.R. Congo and elsewhere.

Before I close, let me express my gratitude to all who have supported the ministry of Leadership Development Ministries in whatever format. However, while this face-to-face training has stopped, the ministry continues. There are still several books, for example, which haven’t been translated into all of the seven language groups where I have ministered. We need and appreciate your continued support.

Finally, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t publicly thank Carol for her support over the years.   At the beginning, she was the only one who believed in my vision and approach to training leaders. Carol, thank you for your love and support.


Every Blessing,

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