June 2012 – Trip to Central Africa

by John E Gore on December 7, 2012

Hi Friends,

Well I am off to Africa again on 20 June for 8 weeks.

The first week will be in Bujumbura, Burundi, where I will wait for a visa to go into the Democratic Republic of Congo. (I will also meet with various colleagues while I am there.) Once I receive the visa I will travel to Abeka in DRC for a week with the Evangelical Friends’ pastors (evangelical Quakers), then a week with the Burundi Friends’ pastors, and then three weeks with the Rwanda Friends, and finally one week with the Revelation Church in Eastern Rwanda.

The three weeks with the Rwanda Friends is an exciting development. As you know I have been training the Friends pastors in Rwanda for a number of years but the leadership want me to start training the next generation of pastors and leaders. (The plan at this stage is to train the fully recognized pastors during one trip and the newer leaders during another.) This development is very encouraging for it shows that the church is growing and that new pastors are required to meet this growth. (I should also explain that people are not given the title of pastor easily in Central Africa but have to prove that they have the gift of pastor and the necessary character to accompany it. This usually takes years. I know a number of men who have charge of a church but are still waiting to be recognized as “pastor.”)

This is my first trip to Africa in almost 12 months. I had plans to go to D.R. Congo in November last year but cancelled that trip as Carol was sure that the Lord had told her that while I could go to Africa, I shouldn’t cross over the border into Congo. I suggested that the Congo pastors come to either Burundi or Rwanda but that wasn’t practical. I don’t know why I had to cancel but I am confident that Carol does hear the Lord correctly in these things. The Australian Government travel advisory for the part of Congo I visit is not to go, but if you are there then leave immediately. Pray that I get a visa as the DRC Government has changed their entry requirements.

We held our AGM for Leadership Development Ministries Inc. in February 2012. I opened my report with the following:

Every organisation would like to reflect on the last year and feel that they had been more effective in the pursuit of their mission statement than previously. Praise God, I believe that we fall into this category. This is not because I made more trips than in previous years but because of the distribution of over 3,000 copies of my training material in four languages in the four countries of Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, and Uganda. Apart from the denominations that I physically work with, I was able to give a number of books to two other denomination leaders, bringing the groups we influence in Africa to eight.

Paul's letter to the Romans - Nepali

Furthermore, I recently received the final formatted versions of Developing Your Gift of Leadership and Romans in Kinyarwanda and Romans and Principles of Leadership in Nepali. The Work of Jesus has also been translated into Kirundi for the Burundi pastors. This is very exciting as it will enable us to continue to print and distribute training material among in the various local languages where we work. We are currently short of funds to print in large numbers as we have done previously and most of these books are on hold at the moment. However, I am currently working with my contact in Nepal and plan to print 60 copies of Romans and 60 copies of Principles of Leadership for the training session in October this year.

During the AGM we reappointed the existing Board for another twelve months. The members are in alphabetical order: Andrew and Margaret Dash, Stephen and Katrina Horst, Richard and Kaye Orr, and Warren and Jan Jolly. I am grateful to have such capable and godly people on the Board. I am especially appreciative of the efforts of Katrina as Secretary and Public Officer and Margaret as Treasurer. Thank you ladies for your hard work!

Continue to pray and believe that God will release the necessary finances so that the work of the ministry will not be restricted in any way.

Every blessing



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