June 2013 – Trip to Central Africa

by John E Gore on November 17, 2013

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Dear Friends,

I am off again to Africa. God is good. I mentioned earlier that my financial support had dropped but, praise God, it hasn’t had a negative impact on this trip. I discovered that I had sufficient frequent flyer points with Ethiopian Airlines to buy a return ticket from Rome to Bujumbura for 52 Euros. This, coupled with a cheap ticket to Rome via China, meant that my total airfares were about half what I would normally expect to pay; $1500 rather than $2800. In addition, God has prompted a couple to give a generous amount each week towards the ministry in Nepal which means that I can minister in Africa in June, as well as go to Nepal and Bangladesh in November. Faith requires us to step out and trust him when we are sure God is calling us to do something. What about next year, you may ask? That is next year and God will supply the need when the time comes; that is the nature of faith. Like the manna in the wilderness, God only gives what we require for the immediate future. By the way, I also had sufficient money to print my training material on Romans for the pastors in Burundi and Rwanda as well as start translation on other material. I had also printed other books in the early part of the year.

Maybe as you read this you realize that your “heart is strangely warmed” – to use John Wesley’s famous phrase – and you are aware of God calling you to be a partner in this ministry by giving financially. Since you are already at your computer why not go into your bank account web page and organize an online regular donation. All the information you need is at the bottom of this newsletter. Please ask God about this, for there are other opportunities that I would like to “grasp” next year but this will require a further increase in financial support.

I will spend the first week in Bujumbura, Burundi, applying for a visa to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Please pray about this, for the requirements have changed and it is not the straight- forward procedure that it was previously; especially for Australians who do not have a DRC embassy in their country.

The women in CongRDC Women's Leaders and their generous gift 182po have asked me on several occasions to run a conference for them but I have always refused as I felt I didn’t have a sufficient grasp of their culture to apply the word of God in a relevant way. However, I have finally given in and will be holding a two day conference on the Friday and Saturday. I am going to teach on “Women and Ministry.” I am sure this will create some “interesting” discussion. (The photo shows the DRC Friends’ women’s leaders giving me a generous gift of a chicken and rice last year.)

Starting on Monday 8 July I will conduct a five day conference with the pastors at Abeka. They have asked me to teach on the Book of Revelation; which is an appropriate follow-on from the teaching on Eschatology that I gave last year. I clearly remember the enthusiasm of the pastors during last year’s teaching on eschatology.  From there I will go to Kibimba in Burundi and hold a one week session with their pastors. This group holds a special place in my heart as they were the first denomination I was invited to train. They were the ones who initially confirmed my teaching gift for this ministry and encouraged me to continue. The comment which has stayed vividly in my mind, and which has helped me the most, came from one of their senior men: “the first time I heard you I knew you were a truly international bible teacher.” I thank God that he has called me and equipped me for this ministry. Everything comes from him. From Burundi I go to Rwanda and spend a week in Cyangugu in the south-west and then a week at Ruhengeri in the north. Please also pray for good health for me.

As I mentioned, I will be going to Nepal in November for a week with the Friends’ pastors there and then a week with their pastors in Bangladesh. Pray that I will be able to obtain a visa into Bangladesh. Apparently the Muslims are stirring up trouble and are trying to restrict the entrance of NGOs and missionaries into that country.

Before I close, allow me to draw your attention to the following website which I discovered the other day: http://www.exmormon.org/whylft125.htm.  It is the resignation letter of a Mormon Bishop in Brisbane. During his PhD studies this man took the opportunity to learn many of the fundamentals of DNA technology. It was this research that convinced him that the Book of Mormon’s teaching concerning the origins of Native Americans and Polynesians was seriously flawed and couldn’t be true. This, and other discoveries which the Latter Day Saints church had kept hidden, led to his resignation.  If he had done sufficient research into the theology of the LDS faith he would have discovered that it was totally different to the New Testament. Had he studied the NT, especially the Book of Romans, he may have come to true faith in Jesus and joined an evangelical church rather than simply resigning from the LDS church and having no faith.  It is a very long letter but at least read the first section and the last, “Some reflections on Mormonism.” The latter deals with the pressure and guilt trips that LDS members experience. It makes one appreciate the fact that we are saved by grace through faith and that we serve God out of love. When you read his letter I am sure you will be left with a feeling of gratitude that you are saved by God’s grace and that he has poured out his grace upon you so abundantly (Rom.3:21-24).

Every blessing,


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