Leadership Development Ministries Inc.

Leadership Development Ministries Inc. (LDM) is a ministry which is geared to training pastors and other key leaders in developing countries, with the goal that the Body of Christ, and especially the local church, will grow to be all that God wants it to be. Our mission statement, which is taken from Ephesians 4:11-13, is, “Equipping church leaders so that the Body of Christ is built up”. We initially focused our efforts on East and Central Africa – namely, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda – but have  recently committed ourselves to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar.

The ministry, initially known as African Leadership and Development, was founded by our president, John Gore, in 2002 when he went to Burundi to meet with a Burundian national, Sabongerwa Domitien, to discuss the training of pastors in that country. From those small beginnings the ministry has grown considerably and works with many denominations of both Evangelical and Pentecostal persuasion. Our approach is to work through the recognized leadership of a denomination rather than with individual pastors.

In 2007 John changed the name of the ministry to Leadership Development Ministries to reflect more accurately where God was leading us. The first reason for the change was due to the invitations that we received from other countries; having Africa in the name seemed to be inappropriate. Secondly, John had initially hoped to financially support development projects such as orphanages and micro finance ventures. However, it became clear that this was not the direction that the ministry should head and that it should direct all of its energy into training and developing pastors and other leaders.

We are committed to ensuring that the ministry is beyond reproach in every way; especially in personal behavior and use of finances. With this in mind, we became a ‘registered association’ with the NSW Government Office of Fair Trading in 2009; hence the name Leadership Development Ministries Incorporated. Our incorporation Number is INC9891322. We have a Board, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, to assist in the oversight and running of the ministry. John and Carol are accountable to the Board. We believe that this arrangement helps us to be seen to be beyond reproach in how we handle our finances and also provides a good model for churches and organizations to follow in the nations where we work.

Please read the articles on ‘John and Carol Gore’, ‘What we believe’ and ‘Core values’, as this will give you a more complete understanding of the heart and passion of LDM.