March 2011 – Newsletter

by John E Gore on November 25, 2011

Dear Friends,

 My African colleagues often commence their emails with “Greetings in Jesus’ Name”. I really like this form of address because it adds an extra spiritual dimension to what we say. With this in mind, let me greet you in Jesus’ name and wish you God’s richest blessings for 2011.

The year is off to a great start for us. In January of this year I placed an order with a company in Kampala, Uganda to print 1000 copies of Jambo Yigize Umuntu, which is the Kirundi translation of my book on the Person of Jesus. I am happy to report that it has now been completed and delivered to Burundi and Rwanda. This is a high quality 155 page A5 book, printed on 70gsm bond paper with full colour cover and perfect binding; for those of you who know what that means.

Thanks to a generous donation from an individual I do have sufficient funds to print another book straight away. I am awaiting the final Swahili translation of, “Paul’s letter to the Romans”, from a denominational letter in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Furthermore, my Principles of Leadership is being translated into Kinyarwanda and I expect that shortly. I already have the final version of Maranatha! in Kirundi and will proceed with it if the other translations take longer to complete than expected. (Maranatha, as the name suggests, is teaching on eschatology; the second coming, heaven, hell etc.) As you can see I have no shortage of worthwhile projects to put the generous donation towards.

In addition, my material is now being translated into Nepalese. This is a marvellous demonstration of how God leads, even if we are not too sure of what we should be doing at times. You may recall from previous newsletters that I shared with you how God had opened the door for me to go to Nepal for training pastors in two parts of the country. However, I was uncertain as to what to do with subsequent visits even though I had received two more invitations from other groups. Much of the problem centred on the amount of money required to run training conferences over there. After a while it became clear that God wasn’t going to provide the finances for me to go to Nepal but I was puzzled as to why he would open the door for me to go initially and then seem to close it straight away?

I then received a revelation that maybe my input into Nepal would be via my training material and not through conferences. After reflecting on this for a while, I sent copies of my training material on Romans to a missionary that I knew over there and asked him what he thought. His answer was very positive. I then sent a copy of Principles of Leadership and Paul’s letter to the Romans to the COC National Director for Nepal and asked him what he thought. I suggested that, if he thought it had merit, he should select one of the books for translation and I would send him some money to cover translation costs. He replied almost immediately to say that he had found someone to translate the work and that they had started on both of them already and could I send the money for both of them since they were already translating the material. It was a very enthusiastic response. So there it is! God is at work and has a plan even though we may not understand what it is at the time.

Hudson Taylor is reported to have said, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s resources”. I have always tried not to beg for money or to use undue pressure because I believe that God will provide the necessary means if this ministry is from him. However, I want to make you aware of what is happening and to give you the opportunity to be involved in what God is doing through LDM. Our main obstacle to printing more books in more languages is finance. Ask God if he wants you to financially give to this ministry.

Every blessing


Normally, I would be getting ready to go to Africa for another trip by now but I have rearranged my normal pattern to fit in with several requests from the denominational leaders I work with. I will leave for my first trip in the second half of June and be away for just over 10 weeks. This will include 9 weeks of training in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. In some ways it is a little daunting as six weeks is the most that I have ever done before and that was rather tiring. I will return home for only six weeks and then be off again for another seven and a bit weeks. I am thinking of taking a photo of myself so that Carol can put it by the front door to remember what I look like. I do thank God that I have excellent health and that I am still young; well, young in heart anyway.


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