March 2012 – USA publication of John Gore’s book

by John E Gore on June 13, 2012

John Gore

A Message From Ps. John Gore

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I wrote to you but I was waiting for the right time to share some exciting news. You may recall that I mentioned in an old, old, newsletter that I had sent a copy of my material on eschatology, A New Look at the Last Things, to Roger Forster of Ichthus Christian Fellowship, London to see if he thought it was suitable for publication in the Western world. Roger is not well known in Australia but he is one of England’s foremost church leaders. (Graham Kendrick was his worship leader.) To cut a long story short, he said it would make a “lovely book” and wrote a foreword for it. The miracle is that Wipf and Stock, USA, have published it on a royalty basis under their Resource Publications label and it is now available through Koorong books in Australia, Wesley Owen books in UK, and hopefully many more in the future.

Front Cover

I am also grateful for the endorsement that Rev. Ross Clifford, Principal of Morling Theological College (Baptist) Sydney, wrote for the back cover. It reads: “John Gore rightly calls the Western church to refocus on eschatology. He has thought long and hard on doctrines such as the millennium, heaven, hell, and the nature of the resurrection body. The author is graciously provocative at times, yet always biblical, mixing his reflections with insights from Church history. John Gore fairly and precisely sets out what are the different views on controversial issues, and then helpfully pleads his own case. You may not agree with all his conclusions, but you will cover a wide range of essential topics that have both practical and ministry outworkings. Ps. John Gore has given us a popular theological text that is distinctive and most helpful for the equipping of the ‘saints.’”

Getting to this point has been an interesting journey. I originally didn’t have any intention of having the book published in the Western world as I wrote it for the pastors in Africa. However, I had previously given a friend from Germany a copy of my manuscript on the Holy Spirit when he was holidaying with us. To my surprise, he phoned me from Germany one Sunday evening to tell me that he knew someone who translated English books into German for publication and asked me if I would consider publishing my manuscript in that country. I knew I wasn’t ready to publish my work on the Holy Spirit but I decided to send a copy of my manuscript on eschatology to Roger for his opinion. As I mentioned earlier, Roger said it would make a “lovely book” and gave me the names of two publishers in England; one was Paternoster Press (now owned by Koorong books) and the other a small newcomer to the industry. Both expressed interest immediately but Paternoster had just printed another book on a similar topic and didn’t feel they could do justice to another title at that time. They suggested that I contact them in a year or so if I hadn’t found a publisher. The small publisher wanted to print the book immediately but he required me to sign a contract to personally sell a certain number of books at RRP.
John Gore Checking first typesetting copy October 2011

John Gore Checking first typesetting copy 20 October 2011

However, I didn’t want to go down that path. My main reason for sending it to Roger and then to a publisher was to see if it was of a sufficiently high standard to make it in the international market on its own merit. Leaders in Australia told me that this was not possible and that no company would publish it unless I had already sold four or five books and shown that my writing was well received. Others told me that I would have to pay $14,000 to the publisher up front to have the book printed.

I rejected these approaches because I was convinced that, if I had to pay all that money, it didn’t indicate that the book was of such a standard as to make it on its own. I wanted the publisher to be so convinced of the quality of the book that he or she would take the risk themselves and publish it on a royalty basis. It certainly was a risk. Consider the following from the Writers Edge website about manuscripts from foreign authors:

We have a few overseas entries every month (see our reports on the web site) including some from the UK, Europe, and Australia. It’s fair to say North American publishers consider overseas writers as bearing an additional drawback, especially since the writer is usually unknown. The likelihood of a readership that would know the writer is low and so promotion is an extra challenge for those companies. Even so, the content of a book proposal exceeds other considerations. But it would have to be real standout material.

As you can see, having the book published on a royalty basis is a miracle and I thank God for his goodness. I also thank him for the way he has continued to open other doors for me over the years.

God is good; it is all of grace and not of works.

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