November 2012 – Training in Nepal

by John E Gore on May 6, 2013

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Closing ceremony 86pDear Friends

My latest trip to Nepal was a very enjoyable and profitable experience. After arriving in Kathmandu I flew to Nepalganj and then drove by car to Surkhet in the Mid West region of Nepal. Surkhet has a very mild temperature during October and the hotel where I stayed had good modern facilities even though it only cost $7 per night. Nepal is physically less demanding than some of the places that I go to in Central and East Africa and that gave it a “nice touch.” We had a total of 32 participates. They were all pastors, apart from four ladies who had other leadership positions. Some of the pastors had travelled overnight to arrive in Surkhet; spending a day and a half on a total of three buses. We charged the participants 160 Rupees ($2) to attend and while that doesn’t sound like much in the Western world it was very significant in the Nepali culture. I taught on Principles of Leadership during the five days.

Ps Nabin translating 180pPastor Nabin bought a Nepali national outfit for me towards the end of the Conference as an expression of their love and appreciation. When I arrived unannounced at the church dressed in my new outfit the response was remarkable. The pastors started taking multiple photos of me. Cameras were flashing and I was smiling and it all seemed to go on for quite a time. I have to admit that it started to feel a little intoxicating. I can understand how movie stars can get addicted to it and how they may need it to sustain their self-confidence. I saw it as a sign of love and gratitude from the pastors. I feel so privileged that God chooses to use me in this way.

Pastor Nabin is an amazing young man. He is 39 years old and was converted to Christ from a Hindu background when he was in his teens. He then became part of the Christian fellowship in Surkhet. (Incidentally, this church was planted by a missionary who was an Indian national.) Nabin was eventually appointed as the first pastor of the church 8 years ago. In the intervening time it has grown from 25 people to over 500 and he has planted another 9 churches in Surkhet and surrounding areas. pastors at Surkhet 180pSurkhet is only a small town. The church belongs to the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN) and Nabin is on the National Executive as well as being Regional Chairman. The fellowship consists of 1600 churches in Nepal. (The NCFN doesn’t include imported denominations such as COC, AOG, and Baptists. Remember, Christianity has only been in Nepal for just over 60 years and was banned during much of that period.) Nabin is a quiet humble man but a great leader. It proves that God can use all kinds of people in leadership positions and that one doesn’t have to fit a certain personality mold before one can be used in a mighty way.

Almost all of the growth in the church has come through salvations as Nepal is a Hindu country and most of the conversions come as a result of healing. Apparently, the church is known in the community for healing and many Hindus come for prayer and eventually commit themselves to Christ. Even during the conference people would come and we would take time out to pray for them. It is so much easier to evangelize when there is outward evidence of the miraculous power of God in signs and wonders.

Nabin and I in Nepali national outfit 180pI also thank God for good health and the ability to stand and teach from 9:00am to 6:00pm with a 90 minute lunch break. I had two different interpreters who would do an hour or two at a time then take a break. They told me that they had to sit down after two hours because their legs and back were aching and they were amazed that I could continue all day without any sign of fatigue. (Both were in the thirties.) This is also what the Africans say. Continue to pray for good health for me.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Evangelical Friends while I was in Kathmandu and to discuss possible training with their pastors. We are currently praying about this so that we can clearly know God’s will. I was also able to have 65 copies of my material on Romans and Principles of Leadership printed in Nepali. Thirty five copies of each went to the leaders from NCFN who attended the training in Surkhet and the balance went to the Evangelical Friends for their pastors.

We value your prayers and financial support. Praise God!



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