Report on 2013 activities.

by John E Gore on December 27, 2014

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Dear Friends,

We held the AGM for Leadership Development Ministries Inc. a couple of weeks ago. I am grateful for the members of the Board, who were all re-elected, for their support and encouragement. It was my pleasure to prepare a report detailing our activity over the 2013 year. I have included it below for you perusal and prayer.

 President’s Report for 2013.

RDC Women's ConferenceThis year (2013) saw the beginning of two new ministries. The first occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo when I finally agreed to conduct a Women’s Conference at Abeka. I had been asked previously if I would do this but I was always reluctant; does any man understand women’s issues to the point where they have sufficient insight to conduct a meaningful Women’s Conference? I finally gave in to the pressure and spoke on ‘Women in Ministry.’ We examined the role of women leaders in both the Old Testament and the New. This was followed by an in-depth look at the various  verses that support the role of women and those which have been traditionallyWomen And Ministry 17Mar14 interpreted to limit the ministry of women. Let me say that I have come to the conclusion that the NT supports and encourages the role of women in the church and that they should not be restricted from any position – including that of Senior Pastor or Apostle – as long as they have the calling, the gifting, and character for such a role. We then looked at teaching on Spiritual Gifts and finally on being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit so that they could minister effectively. The women want me to return, so that is a positive sign. Click on this eBook icon to download your copy of the Women and Ministry material

The second new ministry was the commencement of training the Evangelical Friends pastors in Bangladesh. I work with this group in Africa and the Legal Representative in Rwanda suggested a couple of years ago that I should work with their churches in Bangladesh. He wrote an introductory email to his counterpart in that country and the training has begun. Right from day one, this ministry has expanded by word of mouth; one group recommending me to another. I spent 9 days in Bangladesh, with six of them being devoted to the training of their pastors. We had 16 present.  Bangladesh was a very moving experience. It is basically a Muslim country with a significant Hindu population, which results in active persecution of anyone who becomes a Christian. The Bangladeshi Friends are committed to planting churches where there is no other church. As the leader said; “We are not interested in sheep stealing.” However, this commitment to evangelism results in persecution and Albert (the National Leader) has been in prison on a number of occasions. I also met a family of new believers whose carpentry business had been burned to the ground and who had been persecuted in other ways, yet they enthusiastically serve the Lord with obvious joy. It is very challenging to be with them.

 I was hoping that a third ministry would start in 2014 but so far nothing has eventuated. We received an invitation in 2013 to minister with a group in Liberia. Their webpage and ministry seem to be very impressive. I tried to delete the initial email but felt that the Lord wouldn’t let me do that. I received a second and then a third email and each time I felt compelled not to delete them. We don’t have the money to commence this ministry but we are a faith ministry which means that God will supply the money if we are obedient to him. The Board have put out a fleece to determine if this is of God. We have asked for a certain amount of money that is designated for “Liberia” or “something new” or something similar. So far we have some money but nothing near what we have requested. We won’t start until we are sure this is of God.

 The ministry continues in Africa. I spent a week in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the Women’s Conference   training the Friends pastors. We had a total of 42 pastors in attendance with 15 coming from other denominations in the area. I taught on the Book of Revelation. I believe this teaching is necessary because the JWs and SDAs place an emphasis on this book. Evangelical and Pentecostal pastors need to have an understanding of Revelation so that they can counter this teaching; besides, we are impoverished if we ignore any part of the New Testament.

Burundi pastors reduced From there I went to Kibimba in Burundi and spend a week with the Burundi Friends pastors. This was the first group that I started training and I love being with them; they receive me with so much warmth and enthusiasm. I taught on the book of Romans and felt that we had a number of breakthroughs in regard to God’s grace, living by faith, and accepting others into the church who may be different.

I then took the bus to Kigali in Rwanda and spent a week in Cyangugu in South-west Rwanda. I taught on Ephesians with extended teaching on marriage and raising children. I then went to Musanze and spent a week with the next level of leaders who are being trained to be pastors. I taught on Ephesians but put more of an emphasis on salvation by faith not works. Many Africans, for whatever reason, will give lip service to being saved by grace not works but act as if we are saved by works and get to heaven because we are good. I sensed after three days that I wasn’t making any progress and I admit to feeling a little depressed about it all. However, on the fourth day the Holy Spirit put an illustration into my mind which proved to be very effective in showing the difference between works as being the cause of our salvation (heresy) and works as being the inevitable result of our salvation (Paul and James’ teaching.) The impact of this illustration was amazing.

During 2013 I have been able to have the following material translated in various languages. This is in addition to those which have been completed in previous years:

  • Romans and Ephesians have been translated in Kinyarwanda for Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Revelation and Bringing Your Children to Faith have been translated into Kirundi for Burundi and Rwanda.
  • Principles of Leadership and Revelation have been translated into Swahili for D.R.Congo.
  • Romans has been translated into Bangla for Bangladesh.

After a very difficult time with the printers in Kampala who printed our books up to 2012, we have found another printer. The following have been printed:

  • Romans in Kinyarwanda. (310 books)
  • Ephesians in Kinyarwanda. (370 books)
  • Principles of Leadership in Swahili. (450 books)
  • Romans in Bangla was printed in Bangladesh. (25 books)

 I am pleased to report that all of my material – both the English and translated versions -  is now on our website;  Each has a professionally designed eBook image, thanks to Tim, my talented son-in-law.

Every Blessing,


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